Cleaning Specialist

Posted: 12/6/2020

This position involves the general cleaning of any Aaro Companies account. The requirements for the position include but are not limited to the ability pass a Michigan State police background check and pre- employment drug screen and physical. This position also involves considerable physical activity: lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling. Employee may not have any lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling restrictions. This individual is also required to maintain a clean cut appearance which includes the following:

  • Maintain professional appearance on company time
  • Wear required company uniform (properly fitting attire at all times
  • Neat and clean personal grooming
  • Clean shaven or neatly groomed facial hair
  • Combed hair or official company hat
  • Bathed – with no heavy scents

The responsibilities of this position may be customer specific but will almost always include the following:

  • Dust & wet mop all vinyl/ceramic tile floors, vacuum all carpets & carpet mats
  • Clean & sanitize all restrooms
  • Restock toilet tissue, hand towels & soap supplies
  • Empty trash receptacles & change liners as needed
  • Remove trash from facility
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces (computer monitors, file cabinets)
  • Clean door glass
  • Spot clean walls
  • Keep janitor’s closet clean & neat
  • Lock doors & set alarm when leaving facility
  • Reporting problems in facility
  • Taking inventory and/or ordering supplies
  • Completing any additional daily requests made by the customer and reporting request to the CBM office

To apply for this position complete the application for employmnent.
All completed applications may be returned via email to or faxed to 586-759-8506.